Friday, April 26, 2013

I have also recently read the book called "The Lost Boy". This book is the squeal to the book "A Child Called It." It was about this same little boy running away from his home and his mother going to search for him.  He runs to social services and is given a mentor that helps him take his mom to court.  He is given the opportunity to get justice from his mother and she was never ever to be around him or harm him at all.  He grew up to have a good life and a family that he took great care of because he was always determined to be nothing like his mother.
Another poem that we have read that I've liked is called "Death, Be Not Proud," by John Donne.  It is interesting to me becaue he literally wrote a whole poem about death and how it can happen. I actually remember reading this poem when I was in the tenth grade. My english teacher made the whole class remeber the poem and we also had to recite it to the class. This poem is one of the first poems i had to memorize including "The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost.
A book that I have most recently read was called "A Child Called 'It'." The book was about a boy who was abused as a child by his mother. His mother treated him, like he wasnt even her child. His mother made him do things like eat his little brothers scrapes of food and cereal for his dinner. She would let him eat food without only eating small amounts, she made him starve sometimes depending on her mood. She really tourchered the little boy.  The story was so sad and made me value everything that I am given from day to day.
The poem "The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost is very interesting to me because it is a very unique poem. What I got from the poem was that you should always go the route you want to go in life.  Whether you make a wrong or right desicion, you should always make the right desicion for you.  The poem to me is saying that you may not know what the outcome of your desicions may be but if you stop and think about it maybe you'll make the right choice.
I enjoyed reading the poem called "We Real Cool," by Gwendolyn Brooks from the 1960's.  It was interesting to know that generations from back then and today are kind of similar. It is also an interesting poem because it says all the reckless things that some young people do.  It is like an older version of what teens today do with their friends.Overall this poem was very interesting to me because I can relate from back then to today.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My First English Class Blog (:

I'm not exactly sure what I am supposed to post on my blog site.  I have never really done one of these before. But there is a first time for everything.  I've seen other's blog and notice that most people just blog about their opinions and views of subjects.  I don't really know what to say but I think our post has to be at min. two hundred words.  So ill go on by saying I hope I get credit for this post because I am posting something and I would really appropriate the credit for posting something.  I also really need to talk to my English teacher so that he can tell me what it is that we are supposed to actually talk about. To say more I look forward to all the things my English class has to offer me this semester because I sure am ready to learn. But I'm sure ill learn a lot . I cant wait to actually finish this novel we were assigned to read because I have never read a full novel before with so many pages.  I'm sure English this semester will be good and ill learn a lot of new things.  I am looking forward to the rest of the semester.